F O L I O .

what i do

Learn. Make. Share.

I enjoy sharing what I learn,what I build and what I find interesting.

& Purpose

Ever since I got to know the internet, it's hard for me to imagine the earth with boundaries that define and separate it. We can share many things together, learn from each other, and enjoy life without feeling the distance.

Learning and understanding new things makes me feel alive again. Writing and creating is one of ways to convey experiences and create this good feeling for others. Whenever I feel that my experience or learning in a field and transferring it to others will make their path clearer or something I can create will make the work of others simpler and faster, I put it in my priorities. We need to connect and support each other to have more enjoyable experiences to keep our passion at its highest.

Architecture shapes dreams into reality, Code creates digital wonders.

Let's combine bricks and pixels.

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